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Most people might have not heard of a town in Herzegovina called Stolac and, if they have, chances are they have never heard of its amazing prehistoric sites. .

On the far west of this area, at the hilltop, overlooking the site where Radimlja river enters the Bregava valley through a dramatic gorge, above the sacred plane called Ilinštak, lays Daorson, one of the most amazing and mysterious megalithic sites in the world.

The name Daorson derives itself from two words. The first word daor (dvor, davor, dver) has the original meaning of great gate in many languages including Slavic and Gaelic, which has developed into the meaning of castle, fort or temple. The word daor also gave way to d’or meaning gold or golden. The second word is Son, which in many languages means Sun, but can also mean son as male offspring. According to this etymology, the word Daorson means sun gate, golden gate or sun temple.

When one comes to the site of Daorson, the sheer size of megalithic blocks that form the so-called acropolis blows his mind. Some of the megalithic blocks used for erecting this structure are larger and heavier then those used in the building of the Giza Pyramids. The craft and intelligence with which these stones were formed and combined, along with the precision with which they were put together, transcends any knowledge available today. Modern stonemasons, with all the contemporary technology at their hands, could not replicate this structure. Just that insight is enough to direct the explorer on the path of spiritual discovery.

Daorson lays at the site which is called Banje (meaning Baths), although today this scenery resembles a rocky desert without any traces of water. Indeed, about a hundred years ago, the government has funded the construction of water cisterns designed to collect rain water in this seemingly waterless region. However, there are traces of water wells, pipes, pools and cisterns of enormous capacity almost everywhere at the site. Where has the knowledge disappeared? Where do we live today? Who are we? Where do we come from? Should we reform our concept of Stone Age technology? All these questions are so much in place in Daorson.