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We custom screen print t-shirts, tote bags, kids clothing, posters, mugs & more.

BulBul.Design is an environmentally friendly focused, custom t-shirt and apparel screen printing studio located in Mostar, the heart of Bosnia and Hezegovina. We use non-toxic, eco-friendly water based inks, and sustainable screen printing practices in our process.

Screen printing t-shirts and tote bag, not only ensures a high quality screen print, it also drastically cuts down on the amount of electricity used. We truly believe in helping better the planet through sustainable screen printing methods.










Done with passion

Digital printing

Unlike offset printing and other commercial methods that require printing plates and presses, digital printing prints directly from the digital file sent to an inkjet, laser, or other types of digital printer.

Digital printing:


less expensive and less time consuming

Can be less expensive and less time-consuming for producing short runs and doing smaller print-on-demand jobs.

make it easier

Makes it easier and less expensive to make last-minute changes to a print job or print multiple variations.

file preparation

File preparation can be less complicated for those unfamiliar with commercial printing methods.


May be of slightly less quality than offset printing but the difference is often negligible.